Inside The Bakery - Edition 1

The Latest News and Developments From PieDAO

Welcome to the first edition of Inside The Bakery.

This newsletter aggregates the latest updates from everyone’s favorite bakery, PieDAO.

PieDAO is a growing community governing tokenised portfolio allocations, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with ETFs.

Our ambition is to become Bridgewater Associates on steroids, powered by an army of highly incentivised and talented community members instead of a handful of investment analysts. With PieDAO anyone, anywhere, can get access to tokenised asset allocations (PIEs) - no matter their budget.

If you haven't followed our progress yet, the concept is simple:

📌 Holding $DOUGH makes you a member of PieDAO giving the right to participate in governance; decide on the composition and weight of individual PIEs; and the right to earn fees generated through the protocol.

📌 Anyone with an internet connection can buy PIEs (including gas-free through our Oven) and benefit from exposure to a carefully curated, diversified selection of tokenised assets

📌 Our latest product range, PieVaults push the possibilities even further, maximising returns and minimising risk. PieVaults employ multiple active strategies such as staking, lending, and yield-farming, using a unique strategy for each individual asset within the PIE. PieVaults also unlock meta-governance of underlying assets, with the DOUGH token becoming a voting passport across the DEFI ecosystem.
Learn more about PieVaults.

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For the first time we reached over $14m locked in PieDAO products, increasing almost 2x over just 2 weeks.

💰 Liquidity Rewards

Sufficient liquidity is paramount to a healthy ecosystem, ensuring that community members can buy their desired PIEs or $DOUGH with minimal friction and smaller slippage. To help achieve this, we are incentivising liquidity provision for our products on Balancer with 150k DOUGH each week.

Head over to the PieDAO Bakery to get involved, or read our DEFI+L staking guide to understand how to stake using Balancer and PieDAO!

P.S. Don’t forget, following PIP 19 all BAL rewards are being used to buy DOUGH off the market as part of a sustainable issuance policy. So far 300,000 DOUGH has been bought.

Here’s the current APR available today:

📊 Pie Performance

Every Pie launched at $1, so you can easily keep track of growth over time. Let’s see how the standings are now.

You can get hold of BCP, YPIE, DEFI+L, DEFI+S, and DEFI++ through our website.

❤️ In the community

  • We've seen some amazing activity and ideas from our community members. To help put them into action, we published a Growth Experiments Playbook, detailing the process for proposing, owning, and delivering growth initiatives. Community members can be rewarded with $1,000-$3000 for their work. Read the Playbook, jump onto our Discord server, and propose your initiative on the Forum.

  • As an example, one of our long-time community members Cryptouf submitted an Open Day at the Bakery Growth Experiment - a three week long community campaign to spread awareness of BCP, Oven, and PieVaults. Memes, blogs, tweets and more. Get involved with the #bakeryopenday hashtag to win up to $200 of BCP each week.

  • PIP 44: A proposal to seed the Uniswap DOUGH / ETH pool with 150k DOUGH and equivalent ETH passed the Snapshot signalling vote, on-chain vote, and has been enacted!

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📢 PieDAO in the News

  • NFT PIE is being explored, working in collaboration with NFTX. Join the Discord channel and help us build it together!

  • Discussions are ongoing regarding updates to PieVaults, including a BTC PieVault, NFT PieVault, Algorithmic stablecoin PieVault, and Curve stablecoin PieVault. We’re also working to upgrade our existing Pies, unlocking active yield strategies and meta-governance.

That’s all for this week!

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You can get hold of BCP, YPIE, and DEFI++ gas-free with the community Oven.

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